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These are the major classes of polyurea used for all industries. We can develop a plan on site to find the right product for any job.

Polyshield HT-SL

Recommended uses:

  • Coating for steel or other substrate exposed to corrosion.
  • Liner for concrete tanks, concrete floors, ponds, lagoons, reservoirs, dikes, irrigation ditches, tunnels, barges, etc.
  • Replace or repair failed existing sheet membrane liners.
  • Steel tanks, silos, and pipes.
  • Rock shield for pipelines.
  • Planter box liner.
  • Encapsulation material for EPS or other types of flotation materials.
  • Encapsulation material for asbestos, lead paint, or other dry hazardous materials (Consult SPI).
  • Earthen containment used with or without geotextile.
  • Concrete parking decks.
  • Wood deck coating.
  • Courtyard protective membrane.

AMP-100 (aliphatic modified polyurea)

Recommended uses are:

  • Over Urethane foam, metal or concrete roofing.
  • Tanks, ponds, lagoon containment lining.
  • Walls and ceilings (meat or dairy processing plants).
  • Exposed signs and displays.
  • Truck beds and undercarriage liners.
  • Water features.
  • Deck/Waterproofing.

Polyshield HT-100F

Polyshield HT-100F Features:

  • Fast set: Handle in one minute or less.
  • High dry temperature stability.
  • Strong abrasion resistance.
  • High elongation for bridging cracks.
  • Excellent encapsulation characteristics.
  • Compliant with FDA/USDA for incidental food contact.

Recommended Uses:

  • Corrosion resistance for steel and other substrates.
  • Steel tanks, silos and pipes.
  • Protective liner for concrete tanks, floors, ponds, reservoirs, tunnels, irrigation ditches, etc.
  • Concrete parking decks.
  • Earth containment used with or without geotextile.
  • Replace or repair failed existing sheet membrane liners.
  • Encapsulation for asbestos, lead paint or other dry hazardous materials.
  • Encapsulation for EPS or other flotation materials.

PTU (Chemical resistant spray applied polythiourea elastomer)

PTU™ Features:

  • Spray applied elastomer with chemical resistance, comparable to epoxies.
  • Effective barrier coating for primary & secondary containment.
  • Can be applied at any thickness in a single application.
  • Self-priming in most instances.
  • Fast-set; hardens in seconds.
  • Quick return to service in hours, not days.
  • Good elongation, allowing it to move with expanding and contracting substrates.
  • Eco-friendly; 100% solids with no solvents or VOCs.

K-5 (Abrasion resistant spray applied elastomer)

Recommended uses are:

  • Boat hulls, decks and holding tanks
  • Chutes and hoppers
  • Silos
  • Screw conveyors
  • Slurry tanks and pipelines
  • Truck liners
  • Cyclones
  • Clarifier and shaker screens

Full metal Jacket—Spray on bedliner

Watersafe II (Potable water polyurea)

Recommended uses are:

  • Interior liner for potable water containment in storage tanks and pipes.
  • Irrigation canal and aqueduct lining and repair.
  • Water treatment and food processing facilities.
  • Mining operations and landfill containment.
  • Food processing plants and cold storage facilities.
  • Bottling and canning facilities.
  • Water retention or decorative ponds.
  • Concrete and steel water storage tanks.

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