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Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Comparing Foam to Batt Insulation

Comparing Foam to Batt Insulation

We first need to get a comparison system.

The ‘R-Value’ system is outdated and does not reflect the benefits of Spray Foam.

When viewed in a list with just a price, Fibreglass seems to be the logical ‘cheap’ choice and that is just what it is, it’s  ‘1-dimensional.

Fibreglass has a R-Value of 3.

Spray Foam has a R-Value of 6 plus:

  • adds 300% structure strength
  • resists mould
  • water resistant
  • monolithic (no seams)
  • insect resistant

Fibreglass will slow cold down but Spray Foam stops the cold, adds to the structure, resists mould, rodents and insects, stops air infiltration.

Spray Foam is a multi-dimensional system that the old ‘R-Value’ system does not take into consideration.

Spray Foam costs more upfront but is more cost effective over time making it the inexpensive choice.

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