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PolyUrea – What Canadians should be using in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

PolyUrea – What Canadians should be using in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

When I first started into spray foam I went to Washington for some training with Specialty products.  I was new in the spray business so didn’t quite understand about Spray Polyurea.  What an eye opener it was to go to the SPI school to learn how to spray polyurethane as well as polyurea.  I would say 80% of the class or 18 people were there to learn or re-new their certification in POLYUREA.  I went from not even hearing about polyurea before that to seeing how many large industries and Military, use the product.  My mind started working and seeing all of the the applications this polyurea could be used for in Canada.  I could see its use in Mining, Railway, pipelines port facilities, trucking, gas and oil plants, highways and the list went on and on…. I think our problem up here is we get so use to things the way they are and “new” products scare us or at least make us uncomfortable.  We tend to look at the last line of a quote and compare only the number stated(which is a little more with Most new products).  We don’t take into consideration life span–Paint 2-5 years, Elastomeric  5-12 years   Polyurea 40-60 years.  You can have polyurea with blast mitigation properties, self sealing if there is a puncture as well as a strong tear strength 4500PSI. I have had people tell me that i am selling snake oil and it can’t be true about these products.  I went into SPI polyurea’s, warehouse (during a day when i was training) where they had sprayed the floor 20 years earlier with their Polyurea.  The floor looked brand new, thus my keen interest in the product.  The only wear i saw after 20 years was the loading dock where the forklift ran, spun and went over a million times.  As a country, businesses and people, we need to look at these and other new products to enhance all business, homes and industry.


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