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Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Dangers of short term thinking with Spray foam and polyurea

We often get mesmerized by the numbers at the bottom of a quote sheet or estimate.  There could be decision changing information above those numbers but we see a lower number and “decision made”.  We have been taught to do this when buying a car, house, tools or most things in our lives “cheaper is better”.  “Cheaper” is a short term thinkers expression and “inexpensive” is a long term thinkers expression.  Let me explain this with an example—One contractor buys a low end drill for $30.00(which i have done in the past) and one contractor buys a higher end drill.  The one contractor might say to the other ha!, mine is cheaper(which it is) the other would say well mine is less expensive causing a disagreement.  Both parties would be right–Short term a lower end drill would be fine(1 month and 2 drops for me) Long term The higher end drill will last years(again, with many drops to the ground, 4 years for me and counting).  I have got so much more time and productivety that i have paid for my drill about 10X over. What i am trying to say is we need to realize the differences, like any contractor worth his wage will tell you to buy good tools and products.  We we’re taught in school the comparison of apples and oranges or in the case up above apples and mercedes.  To calculate a number we need things to be the same for an accurate account:higher end drill compared to another higher end drill( same or near attributes), lower end to lower end etc.  I went through that to make the point that spray foam and fibreglass batts insulation are like the apples and mercedes example up above–vastly different things.  Polyurea and Paint are the same.  Comparing price $2.00 per foot for paint and $8.00 per foot for polyurea (rough example).  no brainer if you look at the price paint is clear winner at 4x cheaper. Lets compare-paint:5 years life polyurea 40-60 year life so 8 X as effective.  Paint 5 mils thick: polyurea 60 mils thick so 12X the product. Paint strength 200 ps1: polyurea 4400psi that is 22X more effective.  I hope to give some insite to people about the value of spending a little more up front for a superior product that lasts longer and is extremely more effective.

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